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Successful home and garden businesses like yours are built on relationships. HomeGardenRewards hands you the keys to a sophisticated suite of marketing services that help strengthen customer loyalty and draw new customers to your store.
These are the same tools that the largest corporate chains use successfully but that have been impractical for independent stores to implement. Until now.

Loyalty Marketing

Most major retail chains now use loyalty marketing programs to keep their best customers coming back. HomeGardenRewards gives you all the tools you need to set up a successful rewards program:

  • You’ll have online access to your sales and response data from your best customers to use in email, direct mail, and online marketing.
  • We keep track of points and purchases and send your rewards certificates automatically.
  • All you have to do is sit back and enjoy reduced marketing costs, more frequent customer visits, and higher profits.

Frequent-Buyer Program

Frequent-buyer programs are so popular among retailers because they really keep customers coming back to buy staple items like plant seeds, bulbs, and gardening tools. The biggest drawback is the amount of work required by store staff.

HomeGardenRewards makes it easy to set up a frequency program, such as Buy-12-Get-1-Free. Best of all, no punchcards are required; we keep track of customers’ purchases online and issue customers their rewards automatically.


HomeGardenRewards' sophisticated platform does more than just build loyalty among your existing customer base. It unlocks your store’s data to zero in on new customers.

Target Homeowners
Our sophisticated targeting tools let you mail only to potential new customers who own their homes.

Pinpoint Areas
Street by street and block by block, you can use your customer data to find exactly where new customers are most likely to live.

New Mover Program

Potential new customers are moving into your area all the time. You can target homeowners right after they move, during that critical time when they are choosing a new home and garden store. It can be the start of many long and happy customer relationships.
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Each HomeGardenRewards New Mover Report includes:
  • Custom Data for Your Stores
  • Number of New Movers
  • Revenue Projections
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In addition to targeted email and direct mail, your HomeGardenRewards membership entitles you to a full suite of other tools and services.

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